Second-hand smoke problems in workplaces Network in Japan.

We are the people fighting against second-hand smoke problems in worlplaces in Japan.
This organaization is composed of people who took leagal measures against second-hand smoke problems in workplaces.
To our sadness, we were only organaizairon promoting 100% smoke-free in Japan.
We feel that this problems is peculiar to Japanese society. Because Japanese people are tend to ignore justice and act by emotion ,not by logic. including Japanese anti-smok organization.
No matter how dangerous the second-hand smoking is , Japanese people never prhibit smoking.
People ,who have sences of justice and act with logic, are forced to struggle.
We are trying to change this trend. And results is now coming.

Tokyo district court admitted Mr.Kawamura's appeal.(2022.3.14)

Announcement from second-hand smoke problem in workplaces Network in Japan.
Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis inevitably causes health risks to residents in Kanto district.
But that risks are predictably estimated at rhe same leval as or less than those of smoking.
Japanese concerning public health issues must realize the fact and think what should be done to offset the health risls caused by nuclear power plant.(2011.3.25)





Mr. Kawamura

Our founder is a officer of Edogawa city ,Tokyo,Japan
He sued for health damages caused by second-hand smoke in government buildinsgs of Edogawa city.hall
No matter how the Edogawa city mayor was aginst him, No matter how he was discriminated, he has never stopped fighting.
He fought in Tokyo district court by himself. Because lawyers wouldn't help him, worrying that tabacco issues may have influenced their human-relationships in bar-association. Many of lawyers smoke in Japan. His fight was lonely way, but he had never gave up.
In trial, Edogawa city admitted that they had connection with tabacco industries.
And Edogawa city insisted that opinions by tabacco industries that second-hand smoke had no harm was true..
Mayor Masami Tada was completely against banning smoking. He insisted that letting people smoke was inportant service of government. So he has been allowing smoking in City hall.
Mr kawamuira won the lawasuit on Sep 12th ,2004. This was the the first time ruling in Japan that an employer must pay compensation to an office worker for health problems stemming from second-hand smoke at the workplace
But from Apil 1st,2005 ,he was ordered to work in another smoking workplace. He brought suit again.
This time,Japanese supreme court finally rulled that employee must tolerate second -hand smoke.and employer could discriminate the employee demanding non-smoking.Not a few odd thingshappened in this lawsuit. Possibly influenced by the fact Japanese government owns tobacco company.
The most sad thing was that nobody helped him including medical specialists, lawyers politicians, and also anti-smokists. He fought alone and changed history.

Tobacco prpblems and social reform
@We regard the right for non-smoking office envioronment as common sence. But in Japan ,they say a person who protest against second-hand smoke is crazy. And Judicial Power in Japan is also against anti second-hand smoke. We think this is related with the judicial bureaucrat corruprion. So we also do social reform related to Judicial power as one of our action.
@Our accusation of Leakage of secrets incidents in Fukuoka district public prosecuter's office ,Tokyo supreme court judge buying female child's body incidents and so on, reformed Japanese society.

Our goal is 100% smokefree workpalce.

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Our message to Junior ,especially to junior -high studentsiApr 2‚Vthj

@Don't think that you try to smoke. Smoking is addictive. This addictiveness is as same as amphetamin (Kakuseizai in Japanese.). Your body is affected stronger than adults to death.

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Beijing will ban smoking from June 2015.